Master Group is the result of an integration between a group of companies working in the real estate field. Master Group was established in 2016 by a group of partners with long accumulated experience in the business, through the leadership of Mr. Muhammed Lashin, and following an ambitious vision of creating exceptional investment entity in Egypt


The principles on which Master Group was established positioned it as the best company in covering all the needs of the Egyptian market.

What We Do

Master group is rooted in different specializations, which are dynamically brought together under the same strategy to serve the firm's goals.


Construction of all types of buildings, infrastructure and civil works construction.

Real Estate Consultancy

We're offer reconstruction & rennovation service for any types of buildings .

Facility Management

We offer full contracting servicea and have the flexability to asset our clients


We're offer equipment removal & installation service with quality and quickly process

Muhammed Lashin is the Founder and CEO of Real Estate Development and Project Management company, Master group. Lashin was born in Cairo in 1983. He is recognized as one of the top Egyptian businessmen .
Mohammed Lashin

Project Manager

Mohamed Lashin


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